We have three ways that we approach search and you, our Client Partner, dictate what makes the most sense based on your urgency and timeline.


Contingency is best used when you need some support but are not expecting us to take a “no stone unturned approach”. With typical contingency solutions, Client Partners often use a variety of resources to fill a position, including multiple recruiters.


Engaged is best used when you have a defined timeline and a strong sense of urgency. This process sits between the bookends of contingent recruiting and retained, with the commitment on both sides being much greater. We can allocate and invest more time and resources throughout the search ensuring a timely and successful process. We also find that passive candidates take engaged searches far more seriously than contingent work from both a critical need and confidential standpoint.


Volume is typically used if there is an aggressive growth strategy or restructure defined and you need this executed in a timely fashion. This approach is defined by you, based on your plans.

Additional Services

Being partnered with PrincetonOne, a comprehensive recruitment service provider, permits us the capabilities to offer additional full search services to our Clients outside of Contingency, Engagement or Volume services.  Learn More


Our approach in all situations starts with a cold call to passive candidates along with networking through a retail database that is second to none. The quality we provide in all situations is always at our highest level. Where you experience the greatest value is how the project time is allocated impacting the time to fill.

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When an organization is looking to ramp up their staff quickly, it needs a proven recruitment strategy that will result in high-quality professionals. We partner with our clients to anticipate and solve all of their critical contract and interim staffing needs in the most rapid, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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PrincetonOne RPO designs and delivers innovative and scalable recruitment solutions that help our clients identify, attract, recruit and hire top talent. With an extensive heritage of recruiting experience, we create custom recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions that are grounded in best practices, provide strategic program management and integrate current technologies.

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